About Me

--I'm Nick - a photographer, musician and architecture designer. Born in Greece and located in Glasgow, UK

 3rd-year Architectural student in a lifetime journey to create Architecture

I studied Civil Engineering & Music performance (Oboe & Saxophone) 

In my effort to define art and beauty, Photography became my tool of expression 


What I Do Best

My passion lies in conceptual portraiture & fashion. Although enjoy doing every kind of photography, events, commercial, product, food, real estate


Architecture is art defined by strict rules. In my designs, I create spaces that people can experience surprise, discovery, intellectual stimulation, peace and joy of life

Architecture/CivilEng. CV


Nothing can compare with the feeling of creating emotions in another being. Either this comes from a solo performance or from being a part of an orchestra or a band.  Music is a divine power that connects us all and I am ecstatic of being part of this process. 

Music CV