NAOS is a place of personal questioning about the fundamental human problems and more specific about ontological questions. The importance and purpose of a place like this for every human being is reflected by considering it a holy place. The ontological issue poses questions that concern the person throughout his/her whole life. The sooner the person faces these questions the better in order to prevent emotional confusion, the dangers of the masses, acting in contrary to conscious logic and most importantly the ideological and religious fanaticism. Therefore, it is necessary and decisive, for the society and the individual, a space that will provide the required means for this search; material, spaces, actions. NAOS has two amphitheatres, a space for personal recollection, a dialogue space, a double floor library, two multipurpose rooms and an office. I address architecture as art that is defined by strict rules. One of them is caring for the static definition of each element contained in my composition. In the beginning, I was thinking about the space and the composition from a plan-view perspective. However, I soon realized that this way I directed my thinking/perception in the light of the existing lines and their placement in the paper. But this limited my imagination. So, I started to think less like a "designer" and more like a "visitor" of the space. I imagined myself to be at the point where I wanted to draw and I wondered what I would like to see from this point and why. In this way, my synthesis progressed, and by repeating these questions, was completed in a pure and unified whole. There are some dominant composition characteristics that play a crucial role in the design process and have important meaning as they direct the emotional and intellectual state of the visitors. These are the water, the main staircase, the lack of doors (except the entrance and exit), the use of 45o degrees, the concrete paving “steps” design and the reversed pyramid that is formed by the void at the core of the building. There is an in-depth analysis about the meaning and use of each characteristic mention above but as i oppose to the “programming architecture” I leave their interperetation to the viewer/visitor.